Saturday, 17 March 2012

Posh Dosh

This little graphic started out as a scribble for 'posh dosh' but can also be viewed as 'ysoposh' or 'why so posh'. I love playing with words to see how they can become graphics in their own right. Can you see both variants of the name? The typeface is one of my absolute favourites - Futura.


  1. Very nice post. Since words are your thing, you might be interested in a series of posts I have been doing on the word play involved in cryptic crosswords. The first one is:
    It has now evolved into a daily series. I find it great fun - much better than ordinary crosswords.

  2. Thanks carol, I will take a look at your blog.
    I love to use word play in my designs whenever possible. Glad you liked the post.
    For more word based designs see my Alphabetiquotes